Gila Electric’s Journey

Above: The original founder of Gila, Aldo Gila.
Above: Ramy and Lotfy Tawakol, the partners that acquired Gila back in 1975.

Gila Electric was founded in 1892 by Aldo Gila as a small trading company and a local representative of international brands.

In 1975, Al Tawakol acquired Gila.

Al Tawakol had a clear vision and an ambitious plan to expand the small company in order to make it a leading regional firm.

Gila Electric had kick-started its new journey by becoming an agent for Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique products.  

In 1986, the company acquired a stake in EMG Egypt, and two years later it signed its first UPS service contract.

The firm started to build a strategic partnership with Schneider Electric and became its agent in 1993.

Five years onwards, Gila Electric achieved a significant milestone when it established its first power panel factory in Gesr El Suez, Cairo.

The company continued to grow and proved a strong market footprint, so in 2004, the firm was certified as an official Prisma partner of Schneider Electric.

In 2009, Gila Electric got its ISO TUV9001, TUV18001 and TUV14001 certifications.

Building on a solid foundation, the company further extended its services and has been a provider of data center solutions since 2013.

By 2015, the firm opened a new facility management department.

Now, Gila Electric has eight branches across Egypt, a factory that provides the country and the region with LV panels, 450 employees and 180 qualified engineers.

Gila Electric continues to pursue its vision of local and regional growth, as it expands its market outreach, tackles new potentials and advances its services