Gila Electric’s automation department covers the demands of advanced industries now that computers and technology are used to ensure a reduced cost, lower part cycle time, increased productivity, predictable quality and reliability, in addition to robust processes and products.

The automation department provides the following solutions and technical support for Schneider Electric’s automation components.

Industrial Automation

Gila Electric provides automated industrial solutions. The company is also an official distributor and authorized service center for Schneider Electric’s automation products.

These solutions include wastewater treatment plants (WTTP), water booster stations, production lines, as well as power control and monitoring. They are widely used in many industrial sectors such as oil and gas, food and beverages, feedstuff and poultry and many more industries.

Our products include programmable logic controllers (PLCS), variable speed drives and soft starters, human machine interface (HMI), in addition to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.