Fire Fighting


As Gila Electric is keen to provide a wide variety of products and services that cover all the electrical requirements of its customers, the company has been on the forefront of new fire safety product developments.

Over the years, the company prides itself on its total commitment to customer satisfaction, offering them only the best quality of safety products.

Gila Electric is an agent for two internationally renowned companies; Esser by Honeywell and First class by Tyco.

The ideal purpose of a fire alarm system is to detect fire at a sufficient early stage.

There are two types of fire alarm systems; the non-addressable system, which is also commonly known as the conventional system, and the addressable system. The components of the fire alarm systems include:

  1. Smoke/Heat Detectors (Fire Detectors).
  2. Alarm Panels (Control and Indicating Equipment).
  3. Alarm Bells (Fire Alarm Devices)
  4. Manual Call Points