UPS & Batteries

APC Schneider Electric

APC by Schneider Electric has certified Al Tawakol Electrical Co. (Gila) to represent APC- Schneider Electric products (EX. MGE UPS SYSTEMS) in Egypt as an authorized distributor & certified elite partner.

Schneider Electric also certified Gila as an authorized service center for Smart, Symmetra and Galaxy products, as the latter has trained technical staff, experienced in installing, maintaining and testing the subject products according to APC by Schneider Electric installation procedures.


Our Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) systems are essential to delivering reliable back-up power.

GNB offers reliable battery ranges in both VRLA and flooded batteries that are specifically designed for high-power requirements.

Our UPS systems efficiently provide power in cases of input power source outage, however, they differ from an emergency power system, as they will provide instantaneous protection from input power interruptions by using batteries and associated electronic circuitry.

UPS systems are used for traffic control, broadcasting stations, information systems, process control, scientific and medical sites, and security installations.