Solar Power

Gila Electric is a regional leader in solar power investments, in addition to the electrical power plants and related co-generation facility.

The firm strives to substantially contribute to the African continent and the MENA region’s power industry by capitalizing upon emerging trends of deregulation of electricity markets.

Our strategy focuses on developing, building, owning and operating a balanced portfolio of energy-conversion projects that meet the increasing demand for electricity at highly competitive prices.

The company has successfully developed three solar projects in Sharm El-Sheikh and Aswan.

A Five-Mega Watt Solar Project in Sharm El-Sheikh

Gila Electric established a joint venture (JV) with Intro for solar Energy Co. to build a 5 Mega Watt photo-voltaic (PV) project Northern Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

The project was supported by the Renewable Energy Solar PV Financing Program Round l under the Feed-in-tariff (FIT) Program*.

Gila electric has taken part in developing, financing, building, owning and operating the project across all its phases until it was successfully connected to the National Grid in November 2017.

The project is expected to improve the environmental characteristics of Egypt's power sector by reducing carbon emissions and pollutants, as well as increasing tourism rates thanks to its location.

140-Mega Watt Solar Projects in Benban, Aswan

Gila Electric will act as a co-developer in  developing, financing, building, owning and operating four PV plants in Benban, Aswan, under Round II of the FIT Program. The projects’ aggregate capacity will reach 190.5 Mega Watt peak (MWp).

One plant, which is a JV with Enerray S.p.A and Desert Technologies,will have the capacity to generate 25 MWp.

Partnering with ACWA Power and Hassan Allam, Gila Electric’s other three plants will have the capacity to generate 28 MWp, 67.5 MWp, and 70 MWp, individually.

Projects’ financing is expected to be finalized and construction will likely start by Q4 2017, to be operational in 2018. The plants will be able to power 120,000 houses and save around 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year.

*Egypt’s FIT Program aims to support projects with capacity up to 50 Megawatts, in order to stimulate private investments to produce over 4 Gigawatts of wind and solar power.  The scheme aims to support Egypt in moving towards environmental sustainability and diversifying power sources by utilizing the country's vast renewable energy potential.