Automated systems are composed of sensors, controls, and actuators designed to perform a function with minimal or no human interference. Automation systems are available in a variety of configurations, even for one particular function. Automation systems are most commonly used for the following purposes

We offer our customers a wide range of state-of-the-art products, from the most technologically advanced smartphone to comfort phones that meet the requirements of the elderly. It is suitable for direct landline use or for PABX extensions.

Building Management Systems (BMS) are computer-based control systems installed in buildings to control and monitor their mechanical and electrical systems, including HVAC, lighting, power, fire suppression, and security systems.


In the past few years, Gila Electric has completed many projects with various consultants and contractors, including hotels, shopping malls, administrative buildings, industrial facilities, and more.


Our main applications of a BMS system are


HVAC Control


  • Chiller Plant (chilled water system)
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Handling Units (AHU)
  • Fan Coil Units (FCU)

KNX Lighting Control


  • On/Off
  • Dimming
  • Scheduling


BMS Integrates with all systems in a building as


  • Fire Alarm
  • LV & MV Switchgear.
  • Motor Control Center (MCC)
  • UPS System
  • CCTV & Access Control Systems
  • Generators & Transformers
  • Power Meters


We Provide

Design and engineering




Testing, commissioning, and Start-Ups

Maintenance and after-sales services

Turnkey solutions (including all the above)

A KNX system is a technology that facilitates the automation of the integral functions of a building, whether it is residential or commercial.


HVAC, lighting systems, multimedia, security, and energy management are just a few examples of integral functions.


The KNX bus line is a central nervous system for all automatons, serving to make your life more convenient. It is connected to all devices and systems on the network in parallel with the electrical power supply through line couplers and backbone couplers.


KNX infrastructure & smart building systems can be used in almost any building or outdoor space.

Types of KNX




Dimming Units
Heating Valves



Testing, commissioning, and start-Ups

Public Buildings and Outdoor Spaces

Private Homes

Residential Accommodation

Shopping Malls