Electric Power

Electric Power

SM6 (Air Insulated RMU)


To occupy the market need for medium voltage solutions, Gila Electric has a partnership with Schneider Electric to assemble RMU (Secondary distribution MV Switchgears) using SM6 solution which is used in the MV side of MV/LV transformer substations in public distribution systems and MV consumer or distribution substations rated 12KV and 24kV with metering and without metering.


SM6 units are indoor type, they are suitable for extensible ring main units.



BlokSeT Application/Usage

Industrial Sites

Commercial and Mega Building Areas


Prisma iPM

Gila is an established name in the Low Voltage Panel building market, holding a strong position as a certified Type- Tested Panel Assembler since 2004 depending on along partnership with Schneider Electric since 1993.


Prisma iPM, represents Schneider Electric’s fully type-tested panel board for low voltage distribution and Motor Control Centers (MCC’s) in residential, commercial and industrial applications complies with IEC 61439-1,2 standard with indoor operation and certified by (CCC and ASEFA) laboratories.

Safe and reliable switchboards that guarantee the comfort for our customers.



Gila has recently expanded its portfolio with Blockset Type tested Low Voltage Switchgears which enhancing its cooperation with Schneider Electric complying with IEC 61439-1,2 standard with indoor operation and certified by ASEFA, ASTA & Dekra.


Initially known as Himel, it is an additional product that Gila included in its portfolio to fulfill market needs for non-type tested panel boards.

Routinely tested panels – according to IEC- 60529.


The specified switchboard is designed, built and tested according to the IEC 60529.

Wall-mounted and Floor-standing enclosures including a wide range for Steel, Stainless Steel & Thalassa Insulating enclosures (GRP Polyester) servicing indoor and outdoor applications up to 85 kA/1s and up to 5000 A with available IP 55,65,66.



With its extensive experience in panel building, Gila has assigned its R&D team to develop local floor-standing and wall-mounted panel boards up to 2500A and IP 54 that adhere to international standards and regulations to meet market requirements under the name of “ALDO” referring to Aldo Gila, the original founder of Gila.

Local Panels

Due to special market needs, Gila develops and manufactures low volage panels including wall mounted and floor- standing enclosures up to 5000A depending on the well-known expertise of Gila in panel assembly.

Also, Gila offers local feeder pillars and distribution boxes that service distribution networks.

The Industrial Automation Systems are used to control & monitor a process, a machine, or a device in a computerized manner that enables repetitive functions or tasks to be accomplished. Automated systems are designed to reduce and/or improve human work in the industry by operating automatically.

In factories, industrial automation provides technical support for all automated devices.

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Industerial Automation Services