Educational buildings include offices, warehouses, classrooms, Playing areas, a swimming pool, cafes, and restaurants. These are often referred to as multi-use or mixed-use buildings.

Since the Al Tawakol acquired GILA Electric in 1975, our goal was to be the leader in the field of manufacturing electrical switchgears and panels in Egypt. We are an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 certified company.


GILA Electric had been a panel builder since 1990 and became Schneider Electric “Elite Member “.  In GILA Electric factory located in 10th of Ramadan city, we are authorized to assemble, test & supply all low voltage distribution switchboards



  • Main Distribution Panel Boards (MDB)
  • Sub-Main Panels (SMDB) for industrial and commercial purposes
  • Final Electrical Lighting and Power Panels (ELP, EPP)
  • Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Power Factor Correction Units (PFC)
  • Synchronizing Panels for any number of generator sets
  • Ring Main Units (RMU) 
  • Medium Voltage Switch Gear, 22 KV (PIX)
  • Other industrial and residential panels designed and tested as per the IEC61439, IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-21 standards and in line with the latest design and practices of Schneider Electric products

Our panels are type tested and routine tested of up to 6300 Amp with 85 Icw. These panels are available in various sizes & specifications and are suitable for industrial & commercial sectors.

When you have an educational facility that comprises a multi systems, it is preferable to monitor and manage all these systems through a single system. Building Management System (BMS) is a computerized control system that will monitor and control all of these systems from one location and accordingly higher the efficiency of each and every system. Electrical and mechanical systems are monitored and controlled by BMSs, such as lighting and HVAC. In addition, it can integrate services such as security, access control, elevators, and safety systems.


A BMS can be purchased as a complete package or as an add-on to an existing system. Our BMS applications are built on open communication protocols and are web-enabled, allowing for the integration of systems from multiple vendors.

GILA Electric provides Schneider BMS system and KNX system, which allows you to remotely monitor and control the building power, air condition system, lights, safety and security systems in a building.


With KNX technology, we can easily integrate a wide variety of smart appliances, systems and functions into both new and existing buildings, such as heating and security systems, air conditioning, lighting systems, energy metering, blinds, windows, facades, and audio/visual systems.


We design and install all commercial KNX systems to optimize all aspects of school and university operational efficiency, both inside and outside the building. We also use accurate smart-metering, monitoring, and automation of building functions to reduce carbon emissions, improve grid reliability, reduce water and energy consumption, and extend the life of building equipment.

To ensure the safety of our students, teachers and employees in schools and universities, safety and security measures must be a priority at all times.


Any educational entity must enhance its safety by installing Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV) cameras on the premises inside buildings, outside the buildings and on the fences in order to ensure a high level of security that detects disturbances or other misbehaviors that require immediate attention and keep all students safe.

The Fire Alarm systems (FA) is interfaced with CCTV signals to detect fires and immediately trigger the annunciation through Public Address Systems (PAS). The Public Address System is also used for public announcements. 


School security and safety systems must include in addition to CCTV system and PA system, Security Access Control System (SACS) as part of the overall safety and security system in accordance with the relevant safety regulations.

In addition to the above systems, emergency evacuation directional lighting signs, identification badges system, video surveillance and automatic gates are systems to be used to enhance the security overall measures.

Wiring devices are current-carrying electrical or electronic products that serve primarily as a connection or control point for electrical circuits within a range of 0–400 amperes, 0–600 volts (AC and DC).


Wiring devices include a wide variety of items and appliances such as power outlets, wall plates, switches, dimmers, time switches, sensors, lamp holders, electrical boxes, plugs, connectors, and more.


In 2014, GILA Electric concluded a partnership with Schneider Electric to offer solutions for wiring devices and accessories including but not limited to

Wiring devices include


    • Power outlets
    • Wall Plates
    • Switches
    • Dimmers
    • Sensors
    • Lighting control devices
    • Motion sensing and timer switches
    • Telephone outlets
    • FM/TV outlets and witches
    • Under carpet premise wiring systems

In addition, GILA Electric supply Schneider Electric’s ultra-floor boxes that cater power, telephone, and data outlets in different compartments in raised floors, screeded floors, and in cavity floors depending on the application requirements.


GILA Electric as one of the market leaders, has provided educational-leading wiring device solutions and accessories to numerous schools and universities.

Power outages or power loss force schools, universities to close and end the day. Power cuts are common, and in some areas they happen daily. Sometimes due to weather conditions, road works or excessive usage of electrical current which causes an accidental power cut.


A solid power foundation is a crucial part of schools and universities’ operation strategy, as it is important for electronic appliances to have stable and secure power supply to prevent any damage and to avoid data corruption. This can be achieved by using Uninterruptable power Supply (UPS) and Emergency Generators and Voltage stabilizers.

A UPS is typically a backup electrical power source used to protect hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause serious business disruption or data loss that is why it became the most important equipment in the educational sector.

A UPS unit can provide a working backup power source for a required duration after main power failure to ensure the continuation of the operation and proper storage of all information. It also acts as protective equipment against brownout and power spikes.

Since 1985, GILA Electric has been Schneider Electric authorized partner to distribute VL Galaxy, C-series and Easy UPS Modules. These reliable products automatically take over after a power outage in order to keep all systems running safely for a certain time till the backup generators kick-in and power is stabilized. We provide both single – phase and three – phase UPS.




  • GILA Electric is the exclusive distributor of Mahindra Powerol Diesel Generators, offering models ranging from 5kW to 350kW.
  • GILA Electric also provide Ortea and Himel Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR), also known as voltage stabilizers, that stabilize the voltage and avoid fluctuation.

For All educational entities, classrooms, laboratories, halls, theaters, offices and play grounds -either open or closed- lighting is a very important factor to enhance the physical mind status of occupants as well as to improve the energy management in terms of green energy. The right LED lights with the proper power, color index and glare free will certainly improve the concentration level, improve the mode and ultimately lead to better performance.


As technology advances, the incandescent and fluorescents lights are almost obsolete and the LED lighting products are commonly used. LED lights are tiny light source that emits visible light in various power and colors. LED are longer in life, far more energy sufficient, produces less heat and above all are environmentally friendly.


GILA Electric is the sole agent for OPPLE lighting, a specialized company in lighting manufacturing that has a very wide range of LED fixtures that suits all purposes. We provide lighting design supported by lighting studies showing the lux levels, uniformity, intensity and glare effects.

GILA Electric offers a wide range of lighting fixtures that suits any space and fulfill the requirements of the design.


Our range varies but not limited to


  • Indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Façade lighting
  • Play grounds lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Public areas lighting